Wine is not only a social tool for the public, but also a projection of the culture of the times. Zhuoyue was founded in 2016. With the core of spreading Maotai culture and enriching the connotation of Maotai culture, the main creative team has developed and operated Maotai cultural creative products and Maotai cultural liquor products, and combined with the image building and transportation of cultural terminal to realize the extension of product cultural value. Relying on the profound cultural connotation of Moutai Maotai flavor, Moutai has actively expanded its application in culture, and focused on content operation and offline interaction. It is a Baijiu sales and marketing company that regards wine as a cultural product and carrier.




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Chuang Tzu said that heaven and earth have great beauty but do not speak, four seasons have clear law but do not speak, all things have reason but do not speak, the original beauty of heaven and earth reaches the reason of all things. No matter everything in the universe, or time and time, are silently following their own "Tao" and constantly changing. Although they are invisible, they are everywhere.
Zhuoyue, taking the responsibility of spreading and developing Moutai culture as its responsibility, actively absorbing new knowledge, and implementing the concept of "beauty of beauty" in "seeking the beauty of the ultimate, conveying beauty and spreading beauty", has always been implemented in every action of us, showing the creativity, beauty, beauty, beauty and beauty of the new generation of Maotai baijiu. The beauty of fashion, the beauty of life and the beauty of Chinese Baijiu!

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从2016年创立至今,公司自建运营和掌握的精准网络资源共有 177 家,覆盖线下户外、微信、微博、PC 端以及部分新闻客户端;策划执行的线下线上活动超过25场,包括发布会、品鉴会、抢鲜会、门店活动、抢免单、直击现场等多种活动方式;同时提供的内容服务、运营服务及设计服务等多项优质配套服务。
Since its establishment in 2016, the company has built, operated and mastered 177 accurate network resources, covering offline outdoor, wechat, microblog and PC more than 25 online and offline activities are planned and implemented, including press conference, tasting meeting, fresh party, store activity, free order, direct on-site and other activities; at the same time, a number of high-quality supporting services are provided, such as content service, operation service and design service.

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